Patrick & Megan : Lenexa, KS Wedding

Patrick and Megan met online! He liked her profile first and they talked for a very short while, just long enough so that they both knew they loved the Lord. Then they decided to meet in person! Their first date was at Outta The Blue. It wasn't very long after that when they decided to start dating officially. Next thing they knew, they were in love and Megan had a ring on her finger! The proposal was great because Megan had no idea on the day it was happening - pretty much clueless up until Patrick said the words 'Will you marry me?'. It was Thursday, January 19th. They were going to make dinner at Megan's parent's house that evening. Patrick met her at her home after they both got off work. He arrived with a package that looked like a book under his arm. Megan asked about it, and he mentioned it was something he had started around Christmas but just finished and he wanted to show it to her. She noticed he was wearing a button up shirt under his hoodie jacket, which she thought was strange for a Thursday evening but didn't think much else! He opened the package and it was a book he had printed where he compiled all of their pictures they had taken during their dating season. He included a timeline of when they met, all their dates, up until that Thursday. Megan was so impressed! But still clueless, haha. She thought it was sweet of him, and that it was a belated Christmas gift. Then he turned to a letter he had written to her. He read it allowed, and the whole time she was still clueless! Up until the very last line of the letter when it said, "and what I am trying to say is....will you marry me?" And in the rest of the pages, he had cut out a square and tied the ring in the book. After that she blanked! Patrick said she was shaking her head yes! But she was in too much shock to verbally say yes! But she was so excited! It was such a thoughtful and meaningful proposal.

What I loved most about working with the two of them is their contagious joy, hearts for the Lord, and genuine love and care for the people in their lives. They were not only a joy to be around but a blessing to my heart. What a beautiful day it was.

Here is a preview of their wedding day.

Photography: AbbyNoelle Photography

Second shooter: Anna C's Photography

Florals: Audrey Hatler at Beyond the Bloom