A Rubix Cube Kind of Love...

This Lawrence Kansas Wedding was full of emotion and heartfelt moments. This couple wore their hearts on their sleeves on their wedding day, which allowed everyone they loved to do the same.

Here's a little snippet into Katie & Caleb's love story from Katie's perspective:

"We met when we were serving at church and both arrived early before the service. We felt like we connected right away. As Caleb wanted to start a lunch group for people at our church who worked at KU, we exchanged phone numbers after the service. We found ourselves staying long after the group lunches to keep talking. One fateful Friday, Caleb texted me out of the blue, “Happy Friday!” I was still convinced Caleb just wanted to be friends, but that didn’t last long. A few more lunches, a swing dance, and a lot of laughing and eye contact later, Caleb worked up the courage to pick up his phone and ask me to dinner. I said yes, and then spent the next twenty-four hours convincing myself that I had made up the whole conversation. We both really enjoyed our first date and started dating the following week. Ten months later, we got engaged in one of our favorite spots on campus. It was a very cold day, but Caleb still managed to play three songs on his guitar for me before asking me to marry him (in French and then in English, just to be sure). I said yes!"

Now the two of them are off living in France for awhile because of Caleb's work...poor souls...;)

Here's a little sneak peek into their beautiful day -- a day where they celebrated love and marriage and worshipped our Creator, Jesus Christ.

P.S. Katie & Caleb...I hope you appreciate the title of this blog post. ;)