Hey Beautiful Mama,

As you know, I'm a documentary & fine art family photographer, with an extra soft spot for newborns. But what you may not know is why I love what I do! A big reason is because, I myself, am a mama. It wasn't until I became one that I finally understood what a deep and profound joy it is. As a mama, you invest so much time and energy into these little humans, praying over them, rejoicing over them, and let's be honest: sometimes crying over them (in good ways and in bad). It's all such a rewarding and sanctifying journey and the love you have for them just grows and grows; until you feel like your heart could explode from love! Just like you, I want to remember as much as I can about all the seasons of motherhood for the rest of my life. That mother and child bond (and entire family connection) is just so beautiful, intimate, and something to thank God for every day! It's also something we can remember and cherish forever through photographs. As you know, your little ones don't stay little forever, which is another reason why I want to capture and preserve the beautiful story that is your family in every season of your motherhood journey. My goal going into every family session is to capture joyful, heart-felt connection, and all the bits and pieces that are hard to capture in every day life, but that are incredibly special and tender. I want to make you feel beautiful, seen and celebrated in this season of motherhood, so whether you're pregnant, newly postpartum, or you're a seasoned mama, I'd be honored to be a small part of your journey in motherhood.

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