The Nurturer

Stepping into Brittany's home and seeing how she loves and nurtures her kiddos was one of the sweetest things I've documented in a long time.

From my vantage point, Brittany loves and thrives in her role as a wife & mama (just ask her husband and kiddos)! Though if you ask her, she would humbly say that anything good & beautiful in her life is all due to the Lord's faithfulness and goodness (and I would say: amen!).

Brittany creates such a lovely space of peace and safety in her home, which allows her kiddos to express their hearts, giving her children ample opportunities to use their intangible gifts from God to bless each other and others, and creating a fun environment for them to learn and grow and become all God wants them to be.

Most importantly, alongside Brittany, she and her husband are a conduit of God's grace in their kids lives and are faithfully pointing them to Christ each day, even in the mundane parts of life.

Here's a little picture into a day in the life with this beautiful mama and her family.